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What is Broadcast Spreader and How to Use it?

Those who own a lawn probably know how important it is to distribute the fertilizer evenly. Otherwise, the patches that got too much or too little of the nutrients the grass dies. The best tool to avoid such a situation is a broadcast spreader. Let’s get to know more about it as well as useful tips on how to use it properly.

What is a broadcast spreader?

Spreaders are very popular for gardening and all related fields. However, when it comes to getting one, people often get confused between drop spreader and broadcast spreaders. Today, we discuss broadcast spreader. So, what is it?

As the term describes itself, the broadcast spreader spreads fertilizer and other materials in the wide range. It throws these materials to the front and on the sides. This helps cover more ground at once. On the other hand, it not gets clear that drop spreaders are more precise.

Using a broadcast spreader, a person can cover his lawn or garden with the needed nutrients or weed killer faster. However, the tool has certain peculiarities. Let’s discuss how to use it and some helpful tips to let you get the best possible outcome.

How to use a broadcast spreader?

  • Buy the needed spreader and suitable fertilizer. The latter must be the right one for the plant types. Keep in mind that there is quick- and slow-release fertilizer. They differ by the speed of the effect and its lasting.
  • Measure the lawn properly to calculate how much fertilizer you’ll need.
  • Put it in the spreader and start moving it in one direction. This can be towards a sidewalk or driveway. It’ll distribute the material equally and you’ll be able to close the flow when needed.
  • Water the area covered with fertilizer to let it dissolve and reach the soil.

As you see, it’s quite easy. The broadcast spreader is very simple and user-friendly. Just turn it on and move along the area avoiding the overlaps. As soon as you are done, turn the machine off by stopping the fertilizer flow.

Useful tips one should know

As a rule, a broadcast spreader throws the fertilizer out to the side. That’s why you’d better avoid standing on its edge. Otherwise, you’ll get yourself covered in the chemicals or fertilizer.

By walking slowly and steadily, you are likely to bring the right amount of the nutrients to your lawn. After using the tool for a couple of times, you are sure to get used to moving at the right speed.

Make sure you shift slightly when moving to prevent the overlaps. Move methodically to get the best result. Random coverage will bring random results.

Remember to rinse off the spreader to remove the residue from the tool. It’ll be more convenient to store the clean tool. It’ll serve you longer, too. This is an important step regardless of the spreader type you pick.