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Total AV Review: Features and Opportunities

Total AV is an antivirus package that offers most of the features you expect, as well as some useful add-ons.

How much does Total AV cost?

At first glance, Total AV looks like an antivirus product from the middle, with a rather modest set of functions.

The appearance of the user interface objects makes the price reasonable.

Keep in mind that Total AV’s total cost is not cheap. So keep in mind when your subscription needs to be renewed after the first year.

Total AV’s advanced options include Essentials subscriptions, but not Antivirus eBook or Safe Password Vault.

Ultimate Antivirus provides around-the-clock support for Super Fast, as well as smartphone optimizer and protection.

Total AV Features

The user interface covers all major areas of protection that you see in the best antivirus products.

  • Available system improvements and disk cleanup, as well as web security for various browsers.
  • System Boost allows you to delay the launch of background programs that do not have to run when you log on to the system.
  • You can also remove applications from the user interface, which is essentially the same as Windows’ own uninstall function.
  • Disk Cleaner searches for duplicate files that cover your precious disk space.
  • Disposal of system garbage is an important feature that not all packages do perfectly well, but TotalAV quickly scans and identifies the contents of the recycle bin, temporary files, Windows error reports and update files. These properties add certain points to the status of the antivirus.
  • Web security features include a personal firewall and an integrated version of Adblock Pro, which can be installed in most popular browsers.
  • Safe Site plugin is interesting because it includes a search engine with confidential information that blocks access to malicious websites.
  • Finally, there is unique identity protection in the domestic AV market.
  • The service scans the Internet for your personal information and reports attempts to steal data.

In addition, you can set up a monitor for your credit file to inform you of unexpected changes that indicate fraud.

Read More VPN Check for Private Internet Access

If you purchase an additional unlimited VPN, it will be automatically activated if you use unsafe public WiFi connections.

Some of the target servers are called WindFlix US and WindFlix UK.

How is the installation of VPN

After the initial installation on Android, you will undergo a comprehensive system optimization process.

You will then be asked if you want to connect to the VPN (if installed).

What is missing in this antivirus

There is no right-click scanning and file deletion, and there seems to be no way to send a sample for analysis in the cloud.

There is also no explicit module that fights with the program of extortioner or the ability to prevent at least unauthorized changes to files in certain directories without your consent.

However, the promise of Experience enhanced identity security makes Total AV an attractive option in the future.


Total AV Review