Gaming Mouse Brands

TOP Gaming Mouse Brands

EGaming is all about top-notch peripherals. Whether you’re opting for ergonomics or outstanding accuracy, the industry offers hundreds of gaming mouse options to give you a fair edge. Here’s a quick pick of best buy gaming mouse brands in 2021.

Logitech G403 Prodigy

This cutie stands out from the majority of gaming designs thanks to its unique shape: it’s asymmetrical and fits perfectly in the hand. The body is made of high-quality matte plastic, which takes a while to get dirty. The panels with the main buttons are separate, with minimal gaps. With the resource of 20 million clicks, you won’t have to buy a new mouse any time soon.

Razer Abyssus 2014

The mouse has a soft matte plastic upper surface that’s addictively pleasant to the touch, and you won’t see any fingerprints on it. The wire is thin, soft, long (1.8 meters), and sports reliable anti-bending protection. There are no side buttons, though. You’ll find three Teflon legs underneath, allowing the structure to slide effortlessly over virtually any surface. The mouse has two buttons and a non-tilt scroll wheel. Below the buttons are Omron switches with a 5 million-click life.


This one’s a versatile flagship model that works in both wired and wireless modes. The mouse is quite pricey, but its functionality is a cut above other brands. In wired mode, ASUS ROG Spatha runs at a frequency of 2,000 Hz, and up to 1,000 Hz in wireless mode. In total, there are 12 buttons on the mouse, which can be programmed depending on the user’s needs. The case is made of magnesium alloy, so no cheap plastic for you. The surface is quite tenacious – no accidental slip-outs. All the main buttons are right under your thumb – perfect for MMORPGs.

Logitech G502 PROTEUS

The G502 PROTEUS has a rather interesting design, somewhat resembling a spaceship. There’s a small ledge on the left side of the case that can be used as a thumb rest. The body itself is made of matte plastic with glossy inserts; apart from that, some surfaces are rubberized for a better grip. Unfortunately, the ergonomics of the mouse only allows it to be used by right-handers. The cable is 2 meters long and has a ferrite ring on the side of the plug.

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

The key distinguishing feature of this mouse is its absolute symmetry, making it perfect for right-handers and left-handers. The overall dimensions are slightly larger compared to average designs. You get 9 main buttons, two of which are used to switch the sensitivity. The mouse’s weight is 104 grams, with the overall dimensions of 117x71x38 mm. The Lancehead packs the most advanced optical sensor Pixart 3389. Each of the buttons has a switch that lasts for 50 million clicks. The mouse is equipped with 4-zone RGB lighting, which can be adjusted through an app.