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Is TotalAV a Virus: You Need to Know This

With numerous antivirus products everywhere around us, it can be difficult to choose what your devices really need, especially if you know nothing about viruses and malicious software. You may not think about safety at all, as many people still do. However, in the modern world, where malware control and safety of personal information are becoming major issues, it is hard to imagine working online without any protection solutions for your PC.

Have you ever heard about TotalAV? If not, you definitely need to read about it. Despite being a small cybersecurity company, it offers a broad range of antivirus products and other solutions for computer users from all over the world. TotalAV is a young, but already popular player in the competitive antivirus environment, so we decided to give it a try. Today, we are going to review TotalAV to examine its key features as well as its protection options. In addition, we will try to answer a seemingly weird question: is TotalAV a virus

Key features of TotalAV

Being a new antivirus software, TotalAV, however, offers both free (but limited) and paid options for the users. The antivirus can be installed on Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android devices. The company offers four different packages, depending on the coverage and additional functions, but all of them are quite affordable. Besides primary antivirus services, TotalAV has plenty of cards up its sleeve, therefore, it is certainly worth your attention. 

TotalAV: protection and scanning

Overall, TotalAV provides strong protection against malicious programs along with phishing, especially if we are talking about paid, unlimited options. It also offers relatively speedy scans.

There two scan options: quick and full. Whatever, you choose, it will help your computer feel safe. The quick scan is focused only on the most crucial and unprotected parts of your security system. In this case, the antivirus checks the essential parameters of your computer. However, there is something a bit confusing there: this scan isn’t quick at all. You usually need around 15 minutes to finish it. 

On the contrary, the full scan is concentrated on finding and eradicating even the most camouflaged enemies. And, what is surprising, you need no more than 25-30 minutes for it. This fact makes TotalAV one of the best competitors in the antivirus game. 

Does TotalAV slow down the system performance?

TotalAV is a relatively tiny program that doesn’t require a lot of resources. It performs smoothly even on older computers and doesn’t demand the newest CPU to run in the background. Basically, this security product doesn’t reduce the performance of the processor and needs only 20MB of computer memory.

Plus, TotalAV isn’t demanding in terms of human attention. It rarely makes you think about your security unless you have to. The antivirus doesn’t show popups very often, only when you really need to know about virus issues. Along with the well-known and respectable security products, TotalAV is the winner in the usage of the resources.

Is Total AV a virus?

TotalAV is still a bit unknown product in the cybersecurity industry. Therefore, we lack objective laboratory tests to evaluate its efficiency. Anyway, AV-Test gave this antivirus a 4.15 score with particular emphasis on its great performance and user-friendliness. Using this information, we finally can answer the question we asked at the beginning. Total AV is a full-fledged antivirus solution and not a virus. 


Although TotalAV was founded only three years ago, its team has done an awesome job of developing its antivirus solutions. Of course, they still need to work hard to improve their products and customer support, as some users aren’t happy with their service. However, generally, TotalAV is a feature-packed antivirus with great prices and reliable security algorithms.