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Best Antivirus for Windows 10 For Kids Who Like Games

Webroot Secure Antivirus is the best antivirus for Windows 10. It provides maximum protection for gamers.

Standard antiviruses are mostly slow, bulky and do not provide the proper level of protection. Gamers often have to choose between protection or speed. Webroot’s anti-virus program with a 2-week trial version solves both problems, providing a high level of protection and maximum performance of your computer.

Webroot is a Colorado-based company that has been developing privacy and security software since 1997. Over the years, several interesting acquisitions have been made, including the purchase of the British PrevX back in 2010, and today the company offers a full range of home and business services with antivirus packages branded SecureAnywhere.

Antivirus was created by players specifically for players. The product protects against viruses of the Security Suite level and guarantees the continuity of the gameplay. Trial antivirus for games Webroot AntiVirus has proven to be the best gaming antivirus that always works in the background and does not dare to bother you with screen freezes, game brakes, system crashes and other Windows problems.

Webroot AntiVirus for PC Gamers includes the following components:

  • Antivirus
  • Antispyware
  • Cloud Firewall
  • Online management
  • Protection against phishing (theft of confidential data)
  • Personal Data Protection
  • Social Security
  • URL Checker
  • Process control
  • System optimizer
  • Running software in the sandbox

All in all, this is an amazingly lightweight tool with precise URL blocking and powerful bonus features. However, independent test results range from good to very low, which is troubling.

Outpost Antivirus Pro

Outpost Antivirus Pro– a comprehensive and very reliable antivirus product that combines “Antispyware” and “Antivirus” in one module to effectively combat each type of currently known malware: Internet worms, trojans, viruses, rootkits, adware- adware, spyware – spyware. The best antivirus for games.

reliable antivirus

Proactive defense is performed by the Proactive Defense module, which protects the system from unknown types of impending threats, and Web Control prevents it from visiting malicious Internet resources.

Also, OUTPOST SECURITY SUITE can offer a special secure tool that provides reliable protection and storage of confidential information.

Advantages of Outpost PRO Reliable Antivirus

  • On-demand and online scanning are 2.5 times faster.
  • Updated antivirus engine version 5.3 – more accurately finds malicious objects, including previously unknown ones.
  • Web page filtering speed increased by 3 times.
  • Repeat checks are up to 3-5 times faster thanks to fourth-generation SmartScan technology.
  • The new SmartDecision technology will help solve security issues.
  • To protect against information leakage, the protection of image data and clipboard has been created.
  • Virus protection during USB startup.
  • Full compatibility with games.

Popular antiviruses for Windows 10 for gamers

However, if you use the popular antivirus, this does not mean that you should delete it. Indeed, according to official tests, several famous products do an excellent job of protecting themselves even during games.

  1. BullGuard Security 19.0
  2. Kaspersky Lab Internet Security 19.0
  3. Bitdefender Internet Security 23.0
  4. Avira Antivirus Pro 15.0

Recent products have long held a leadership position among gamers and ordinary users alike

Evaluation criteria were based on the fact that anti-virus programs for gamers should be primarily fast or not strongly affect system performance. Also, note that Windows Defender 10 does its job worse. Many gamers noted that even though they do not have an additional anti-virus program, the built-in defender copes with its role perfectly.